Friday, September 5, 2008

The Swell Arrived

Thursday gave us the biggest waves and wind of the week. There were some waves over logo high out there. Everyone got out there and some said it was their best day ever. I caught my best wave of the week (of my life, Kevin Trejo reminded me) with 6 bottom turns. Not bad for a beginner wavesailor. I'm still learning but catching waves nonetheless. My challenge has been the timing of catching waves, but I'm learning more and more each day. Trying to lean forward into those bottom turns too. Anyway, here are a few more pics....Adios Amigos!

Rob at the Solo Sports entrance sign on an early morning mountain bike ride

The Crew - No Pulse Tommy, Dammit Jim, Frenchie Alain, WaterTurtle Mac, Goatherder Alan, Troy Boy, Rob Not Robert, and Don Juan Swayze Donald

Camp view - Hugh watching Donald on a wave

Jim catching a wave


Catapulting Aaron said...

Good stuff -- John Chambers asked me where you were this week. I told him you were sick. Hope you guys close the trip out strong!

Anonymous said...

Mac, what was the wind? Looks side off. 20? 25?
Also, what kind of equipment are you guys on?
The water looks a little chilly...

Waterturtle said...

Mark, You're right....around 20-25 and the wind there is predominately side-off which is what makes it such a great down the line wavesailing spot. We were mostly on RRD boards in 75-110 lt range. Some folks used new Goya or Quatro boards in same range. And they had Ezzy sails, we used 5 meter range most of the week. The water was actually not that was warmest its been all year. I was in 3/2 convertible suit and was very comfortable...sometimes a little too warm. There were people out there in trunks only.