Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waves Got Bigger

Cabarete morning 4/15/09 update - I got worked pretty good on Tuesday as the waves at the reef were bigger than Monday and it was another windy day. They were getting over head high. I went for a swim after getting separated from my gear but "no problema" as I just relaxed and got to my gear, waited for the big sets to rumble on my head, found the lull in the sets and waterstarted. I was however, also able to catch some good ones and have fun out at the reef despite the bigger wave size and my inexperience in them. I had my GoPro helmetcam with me for part of the afternoon session and thought I had some great footage of a complete ride out through the reef, jibing out in the open ocean, and riding waves back in....but for some reason the clip stopped before I even got to the reef. I need to figure out what's going on with my GoPro...its being fickle on me.

In the morning, we went to Playa Encuentro, the surfing beach a few miles away. I paddle surfed while my daughter had a surfing lesson. She wasn't a big fan of the coral reef bottom (as opposed to our sandy bottom beaches back home). But she persevered and caught a few small waves. I caught one good wave before I went in to help her out.

Vela Windsurf is top notch...great equipment and they even had some super glue for me to apply to the one dang blister on my hand. The food at their adjacent bar/restaurant (Voy Voy) is also very good...we ate at their Dominican buffett last was delicious.

Room With A View

Still working on my duck gybes...not there yet

On the new Neil Pryde Firefly 5.4 sail and JP/Australia 101 Freestyle Wave board. I liked the Firefly...nice power. I tried and didn't like the Combat wave sail..not enough power for me. I think I'm just used to having more power from all the lake windsurfing.

The Locals

The surf camp at Playa Encuentro

My daughter surfing

me doing a little bit of stand up paddle surfing


uglyjiber said...

When reaching back with your (originally) front hand, cross over your back hand, and then use your original front hand to THROW the clew behind your ear. Hard.

Catapulting Aaron said...

I can't attest to it since my gopro is having the same problem, but people have been telling me they are very battery-fickle, so you have to remove the batteries between sessions or they'll just drain away...

George Markopoulos said...

Omg the go-pro can drive you insane!

Great post

Waterturtle said...

yes it can...but I got it to work (seemed I needed to delete some pics/video...card was getting full?) and finally got some reef footage on the GoPro. I'll go through it later this week and will post it soon.

I finally made my first duck wasn't pretty but I made it. Then I saw Josh's comment and Alan also sent me an email with some tips. I'll be sure to use them next time out. Thanks...

Andy said...

Sweet that you got one! Nice!

Duck Early!! Way earlier than you think is correct!