Monday, April 13, 2009

We're here...Cabarete

Made it to the Dominican Republic...and was already windsurfing a couple of hours after we got off the plane on Sunday in light 15 mph wind. Sailed 2 hours today on 5.7 in stronger winds.

The windsurfing is great here if you like bump & jump, big ocean swell, and side-on waves/wind. This is probably the closest type of conditions we have back home in coastal oceanside NC/SC when its windy so I'm getting some pretty good practice for those rare (rare for me) ocean days back home.

Taking my daughter surfing in the morning. I have the whole family here with me and we're enjoying it, albeit quite different from other places we've been...I'll explain later....gotta go. Here are a few pics:

Warming up...this is in front of our place...nice grassy area and palm trees for shade -

One of the locals getting ready to launch into one those crazy freestyle moves I can't pronounce. The local kids were out in force today and were pulling off some serious freestyle moves -

Like my purty purple sail with the twinkle? -

A half mile in front of me is the reef where the onshore wind waves are....lots of fun out there riding waves backside and jibing on wave faces -

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